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Grey Domestic Waste Water Treatment - Go Green

Gray water - Bath and kitchen water recycle
Collect Aerate, Ozonate, re use:

Harvest and recycle household domestic kitchen and bathroom waste water for reuse.

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here:

 Small Commercial & Industrial wastewater equipment:

ECO-TEC is backed by the experience and expertise gained from over 10 years of ozone treatment system design and manufacturing.

Our equipment can be used in full scale waste water treatment systems for water recovery in fish hatcheries and farms, domestic, municipal and commercial sewer systems, liquid waste from food processing, and industrial toxic waste. In these applications ozonation systems provide wide range of support. From assisting in flocculation, foam fractionation, bio-filtration to direct oxidation where ozone acts directly or in conjunction with other oxidation to form Hydroxyl radicals. Results required may be anywhere from just a reduction of biological waste, to a complete purification and sanitation as required by the drinking water quality standards. Such "safe to drink" water is often used for irrigation in farming and parks, in secondary plumbing systems and for complete recycling in an industrial process or a farm.

This technology offers "gold mine" opportunities in Africa where water is extremely scarce. Instead of facing problems of how and where to discharge the wastewater, millions of m3 of water can turn large arid areas into a green paradise. The sludge is also disinfected, and in most cases suitable as a natural fertilizer.

While ozone is the superior and most natural agent for sanitation and water purification, it is not a miracle cure. For best economy, ozone is applied in conjunction with a whole chain of other clean and environmentally friendly techniques.

  • Rotating screens for flows from 18 m3/hr. to 460 m3/hr. (= 80 GPM to 2,025 GPM) with screens 15 microns to 100 microns. About 1% of the main flow is charged with ozone for continued backwash. The water for backwash does not require any chemicals, and it does not have to be heated.

  • DAF cells are suitable for aeration of wastewater with very high organic content. In this process ozone oxidizes the surface of tiny organic particles, creating tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen gas from air provides further lift to the particles. Skimmers remove resulting foam.

  • Foam fractionators work in a similar way as DAF cells, except they do not need mechanical skimmers. The foam overflows to a special compartment where it is removed by a high-pressure mist. Ozone is injected into the incoming water line.

  • Bio-filters need ozone treated water without pathogens, otherwise the pathogens may decimate the aerobic colonies of water cleaning bacteria.

  • The effluent water from bio-filtration is further purified with ozone for final purification and sanitation.

  • In more elaborate industrial waste water treatment systems ozone is applied in a pH-LOW tank followed by filtration, pH-HIGH treatment with ozone followed by filtration, further followed by a high ozone level treatment assisted with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Ozone also helps in oil separation and sedimentation.

  • Aerobic and anaerobic digesters are suitable for pre-treatment, to be followed by OZONATION.

  • OZONATION of large lagoons provide a much more efficient bio-treatment, and usually includes a final disinfection with ozone.

In most cases, not all of the techniques above need to be implemented at the same time.
For the right selection of proper technologies, many aspects must be evaluated, such as:

  • water flow

  • waste water content based on laboratory test results

  • space available, and cost of the space

  • target water quality [anywhere between just some reduction of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), to the bottled water quality standards].

  • penalties for discharge of water with BOD above allowable limits.

  • cost of water and estimated value of recycled water.

ECO-TEC provides a wastewater treatment solution that meets all requirements in the most economical and ecologically friendly way.

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here: