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 Rhino Spas

Years of Reliability

Our tough and powerful range of Rhino Spas are built and engineered to last for years of economical and reliable service. Their graceful lines and majestic shapes allow them to blend in to the natural surroundings of your own home.

Rhino Spas: Built to Las
Our high impact Amparol 100 shells are vacuum formed as single units to ensure that even after years of service under water, the surface will never delaminate.
The non-slip surface makes it easy to manoeuvre in and is pleasant to the touch.


  • Because the Rhino Spa is portable you can use it either out doors or in doors and should you decide to move home, your Rhino Spa can go with you.

  • The Rhino Spa features a self cleaning system with top skimming filtration and bottom drainage.

  • The standard lighting bulb colour is a soothing blue, however you can create your own mood by changing to a colour of your choice without having to drain the spa.

  • All Rhino Spa's are subject to strict quality control standards, so you can rest assured that when you purchase a Rhino Spa you are purchasing a pedigreed breed.

  • It costs even less than you think to run a Rhino Spa. The Amparol Shell is insulated with layers of polyurethane foam which greatly improves the spa's energy efficiency by keeping the heat in, thus cutting down the use of electricity and because the pump operates as a low amp unit, your operating costs are even further reduced.


The Caribbean Rhino Spa is a cosy three seater spa which includes two seats and an extremely comfortable lounger with a built-in lumber support and a head rest.







The Pacific Rhino Spa is a generous six seater spa with a truly laid-back attitude. It incorporates two "Hot Seats" with a headrest each, a safety rail and a host of different jets.






B&M - Jets (patented)

Pulsating Air Jets, incorporating silicone one-way valve and stainless steel spring to pulsate air and prevent dirt from going into the jet supply lines.




MICROSAGE - Jets A continuous rotating jet for a large area massage.






A 25mm-orifice jet which mixes air with the water at a perfect ratio for optimum hydromassage. Pressure and direction controllable.






Adjustable whirl jet with a 50mm-orifice jet for an incredibly powerful and invigorating massage. Can also be adjusted to a gentle passive massage.




Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here: