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The RedWater™ Diverter

The red water diverter saves wasted cold water run off before the hot water

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The first part of your shower is usually cold and this cold water is being lost down the drain?

You can save this cold water easily!
Every time you wait for hot water to come through the hot water tap, the cool water running out first is wasted down the drain.
Most households do not have a hot water system located close to each tap and therefore it takes time for the hot water to travel through the pipes and arrive at the hot tap. While you are not using the hot water tap, the water in the pipes cools down, so the next time you run the hot water tap, this cool water needs to be pushed through the pipes before the hot water arrives. This cool water is called Redwater™ and is usually lost down the drain.

This Redwater can be saved by installing a Redwater™diverter.

What is a Redwater™ Diverter?
It is a valve that diverts the redwater / cool water, before it reaches the tap, to either a rainwater tank, a storage tank, a garden, a pool or to livestock water.

No electricity – means, no ongoing costs, no new wiring to new locations, no wastage of energy from pumps or heat loss in recirculating pipes. It only requires some plumbing for the installation and is sustainable.

Clever Design:

  • Versatile options for use of saved water.
  • Usable with any hot water system in any location, so you have the choice.
  • No need to change the way you live, just use the hot tap whenever you like.
  • It is compact and simple, easy to retrofit into existing plumbing.
  • Easy to install in a new building / construction.

The Redwater™ Diverter was invented in Australia and is patented in Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.

The Redwater™Diverter valve has been designed in the interests of energy efficiency, and the environment.

  • Uses no electrical devices in the form of pumps, elements, solenoids, timers or the like
  • Obtains near 100% water recovery
  • Is suitable for retrofit and new installation
  • Once installed does not require you to take action before using the hot tap to operate
  • Compliments other water saving products and systems

Amount of Water saved.
Research has shown that an average household using the Redwater™ Diverter system can save around 16 000 litres of their potable water annually. Even more if you have a bigger household.

The Redwater™ Diverter can be installed in a number of places. For optimum water saving, The Redwater™ Diverter should be installed in the areas that you use the most hot water.

  • Kitchen sink – where the hot water is used regularly throughout the day
  • Bathroom – Can be installed in a way to service multiple fixtures such as the shower or the basin, or for the shower only.

A Redwater™ Diverter can be installed upstream from any fixture where hot water is required.
How the system works:









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