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Ozonating Hotels


Hotels and restaurants with high standards of health and hygiene use ozone generators. There are high-tech easy to use portable units and spec-built systems with vast and varied applications in the hospitality industry. They generate ozone gas out of normal air and ozone is the most effective method of deodorizing and sanitizing whilst leaving no dangerous chemical residue.


Ozone oxidizes any bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and fungi thus, using it in the kitchen creates a totally sanitary environment in which to prepare food, free of germs and diseases. It is far more effective than conventional cleaning methods, because as a gas, it reaches all surfaces, even behind cupboards, under units, on walls and ceilings.

  1. By neutralizing bacteria, ozone also kills odours, leaving the kitchen totally free of any unpleasant odours from stale cooking smells, dustbins or drains, or clears the air of chemical pollution like glue or paint.

  2. Insides of a fridges and freezers absorb unpleasant smells of fish or garlic etc, which cannot be cleaned away with detergents. Ozone permeates all of the surfaces inside the area being treated, destroying the smells inside the fridge or freezer, even in the cracks and corners which conventional cleaning methods cannot reach.

  3. Ozone makes your perishables last longer, in the pantry or in the refrigerator. Ozone will keep the air free from bacteria, which slows down the ripening of fruits and vegetables and extends the life of meat and eggs substantially.

  4. By making your kitchen cleaner and significantly reduces bacterial load which also deters insects like cockroaches and flies.

  5. In the staff washrooms and changing rooms, disinfecting clothing and shoes and preventing spread of bacteria into the kitchen from contaminated clothing.

  6. Ozone can be used successfully in high humidity areas to kill mould or mildew on ceilings, walls, linen, clothing, shoes etc.


  1. Ozone neutralizes any odours and is especially effective for getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, even if it has permeated the furniture and curtains. Also eradicated by ozone are the smell of paint or glue fumes, spilt alcohol, pet urine, mildew and damp, body odours and fire damage etc.

  2. The hygienic environment, bacteria, virus and odour free, created by ozone, deters insects like cockroaches and flies.

  3. Ozone is especially useful for the day after a party when a room still smells like cigarettes, alcohol or foods even after the guests have gone and the room has been cleaned. An ozone generator left on in a closed room overnight will totally deodorize the room, carpets, furniture and curtains.

  4. Ozone generators permanently installed in an area such as a smoking room or bar allow constant deodorization and neutralization. This neutralizes a once permanent problem and creates a healthier environment for guests, staff, smokers and non-smokers.


  1. Ozone is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in bathrooms and neutralizes unpleasant bathroom odours.

  2. Ozone generators fitted into public restrooms maintain low levels of bacteria and deodorize the area, creating the most sanitary conditions possible for clients and guests.


  1. To prevent smoking employees from annoying non-smokers, the generator used in an office area deodorizes and neutralizes cigarette smoke.

  2. Ozone used in office situations reduces pollen in air, preventing hay fever and by disinfection, prevents the spread of flu and airborne viruses.


  1. The ozone generator left on in an empty room sanitizes and deodorizes the room, getting rid of musty, stale bedroom smells and permeating the linen and curtains killing bacteria and mildew, even making a smoking room or area smell like a non-smoking room.

  2. The generator closed inside a cupboard deodorizes linen, clothing, shoes and jackets, including leather. Destroying all fungi and mildew, insects like moths and mites are driven away or killed.

  3. Destroying bacteria and pollen, ozone reduces hay fever symptoms and the spread of viruses like flu and other airborne diseases.

Ozone prevents the growth of mould, mildew and fungus in cupboards, carpets and walls, removing stale and musty odour associated with such problems.

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