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Ozone gas from an ozone generator for water conditioning, Ozonation pool and spa cleaners, Ozone Generators, Water Purifiers, Water Treatments, Cooling Towers, Odour Control, Aquariums, Hospital Sanitation, Wastewater process. Ozone Systems, ozonator machine, applications air, food, water purification, detox, medical health therapy. Business, Home Air & Water, Industry

ECO-TEC is a Durban, South African based group specialising in the development and manufacture of small domestic to medium industrial ozonation systems and accessories. Discover why ozone is the leading technology of the 21st century for improving the environment. Drinking water treatment, rainwater harvesting, reverse osmosis and filtration, industrial and municipal wastewater treatments, water reclamation, sewage treatment, cooling tower water treatment, agricultural, food processing, and marine aquaria and freshwater fish farming aquaculture, odour control, air purification, and medical applications are among countless areas where ozone treatment has been shown to have exceptionally beneficial effects.


Hi, I'm Gary Weingartz from Durban, South Africa and I have been in the Ozone business for over a decade now and the secret to our success is innovation and dedicated service.

We supply water purification systems for drinking water through medical pharmaceutical to process water with domestic to medium, industrial sized ozone generators, air dryers and oxygen concentrators, reverse osmosis, filtration and bottling equipment here in SA and our world class equipment is exported globally. Our primary products are ozone generators and peripheral water purification/treatment equipment; We are considered a leader in quality and cost effectiveness.

We are innovators, working closely with leading universities. We get results and we solve problems. How can my team and I help you ?


Eco-Tec uses state of the art high frequency corona discharge technology to produce very high concentrations of ozone gas. We currently have the only local supply of (pressurised) saturated ozone technology. Quality products and easy maintenance and repair create worldwide demand for our equipment-:

  • Ozone Generators from 250 milligram/hr gram (domestic) to 5 Kg per hour plus.
    (medium industrial). Generation of ozone is from air or oxygen.

  • Air dryers and air/water filters (desiccant/heat regenerative and various others.)

  • ORP/REDOX controllers and sensors.

  • Oxygen generators - various.

  • Venturis and injectors, contacting systems, for mass transfer of ozone into water and wastewater (potable, cooling towers, process water etc.)

  • Ozone treatment for preservation of fruits and for food processing.

  • Medical therapy, health benefits and ozone safety.

  • Drinking water treatment for disinfection and for oxidation of pollutants, commercial bottling and domestic potable.

  • Reverse Osmosis and Filtration

  • Water reservoir, rainwater, borehole ozonators (Agriculture and potable water systems- livestock/process/irrigation etc,)

  • Pre-engineered domestic sewage and property development project systems/sub economic sewage treatment systems.

  • Whole house filtration.

  • Rural water treatment systems.

  • Refrigeration disinfection, deodorization for displays or storage, ozonators.

  • Swimming pool & spa ozonators.

  • Aquaculture and aquaria, Koi, marine etc.

  • Ozone based air fresheners /Indoor air quality of commercial, industrial buildings and processes.

  • Rainwater Harvesting.

  • Product customisation and special applications.

We have a scope of supply to suit from turnkey process-engineered solutions, through equipment only supply, down to hire of large ozone generators.
This is balanced by all-important local presence and knowledge of markets, achieved through a network of companies/agencies and associates - because it is important we understand your environment and can organize first-call after sales help.



The Eco-Scarab Sewerage Treatment has been a finalist for TT100 awards for years '04, '05 and '06.

This emblem represents the 'Top 100 Technologies in South Africa'.

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ECO-TEC is established at the forefront of the drive to develop improved treatment processes in which ozone plays a major role.

This has led to a partnership with SCARAB Treatment Systems.
Scarab has been extensively involved in the production and design of pre-engineered sewage treatment systems over the past eight years.

Technological advances and state of the art computer technology supported by international research and NOW, the engineering of ozonation into the pathogen treatment phase, allows ECO-TEC and SCARAB to offer the most innovative and unrivalled performance in the field of pre-engineered sewage treatment plants. This is done without the use of chemicals and is therefore environmentally friendly and the high quality of the final effluent/waste water (used for irrigation etc) is borne out by the test results done by DWAF and other parties and these are freely available for perusal.
When this is combined with its low cost, low maintenance, the savings on water use (up to 60% and chemicals -100%) is immense.

All our systems are locally produced and serviced - Proudly South African!

We are a Level 4 BEE Enterprise that's 100% points for the buyer.

Cholera, Aids and Legionnaire's disease have greatly increased our marketability on the water front, TB, SARS and worsening cold and flu viruses including bird 'flu on the air front. Anti-pollution lobbies will support all fronts.

We take the responsibility of service backup personally, and undertake to supply the most reliable, effective and economically attractive solution available, currently, and in the future.

To order please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email Click Here: