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ECO-TEC brings you the amazing natural cleansing powers of ozone to domestic water storage tanks. Electricity and air are the only raw materials used to produce nature's own purifier that safely and effectively destroys bacteria, coliforms, viruses, cysts, Legionnaire's disease and other, unpleasant tastes and odours. The ozonators are designed for easy installation. Ozonation is a universally proven safe and natural method of cleaning your water.


1. Removes unpleasant tastes and odours
2. Destroys microbiological contaminants like Legionnaire's disease and any others.
3. Chemical free
4. Freshens stale tank water, adds oxygen
5. Easily installed by owner
6. Very low power requirements and operating costs


Traditionally viewed as a safe source of domestic water, rainwater/groundwater is exposed to many pollutants: insects, bird droppings, smoke, dust and agricultural sprays, naturals seepage, etc. Pollutants become concentrated in a rainwater tank, unlike a running stream where they are diluted and flushed away. Faecal matters from birds sitting on the roof produce coliforms and bacterial contamination that can become a serious health problem.

Contamination often leads to unpleasant tastes and odours, and long periods of high temperature and little rain can produce water that even the long time "tank water drinker" can find unpleasant. Also, while those frequently drinking the water can become accustomed to certain levels of bacteria in the tank (our visitors don't however!), nobody gets used to an unpleasant taste or smell.

Fortunately, all of the contaminants that affect rainwater/groundwater tanks can be successfully treated with ozone and water kept fresh and sweet all year around.


The heart of the unit is the ozonator that produces ozone from the oxygen in the air.
Depending on your existing installation, ECO-TEC can offer a cost-effective solution as follows:

• With the aid of an air pump, the ozone is delivered through a hose to the diffuser. The diffuser, located in the bottom of the tank, ozonates the water by creating very fine ozone-rich bubbles. During this process the ozone is dissolved in the water to commence the sanitation and purification.

• More efficiently, a circulating pump with Venturi injector is submersed in the tank and ozonates the water. The ECO-TEC ozonator is designed to maintain the water in a pure and healthy state. If your tank has not had a good clean out for a couple of years or more, it’s a good idea to have it properly cleaned first. This will ensure the ozonator is able to get the water in top condition much quicker.


The ozonator can usually be installed in minutes. The preferred location is in a sheltered dry place close to the tank and a suitable power outlet. The ozonator is attached to the wall. The diffuser or submersible pump and Venturi are lowered into the tank manhole and the hose connected to the ozonator. Lastly the mains power is connected and the unit is switched on…

Then enjoy safe, great tasting, ozonated water!

See end of Hydroponics page for similar install sketch.

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