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Serious about wanting to Save Money,
Improve Health while Protecting the Environment?
Yes, YOU can too!
Simply fit this equipment to your Pool, Spa or Water Supply Tank etc.
You Will Save R 1000's Yearly On Chemicals And Medical Problems!

Water Purifier

   For Swimming Pool, Tank, Drinking or Process water
Model HZF4K 4 gram/hr Ozone Generator complete kit includes Venturi, Teflon non-return valve, 1 m silicone tubing. For pools up to +/-55 000 litre (Gunite, Marbellite, Fibreglass pools) and water tanks & reservoirs up to +/-40 000 litres. Parallel units for larger applications.
 NOW ONLY  R 9 995.00/Kit excluding VAT in SA

        Size 280 X 230 X 150 mm (11 X 9.05 X 5.9 in)

******* Click Here to See a Range of Specials; Domestic and Small Commercial Air and Water Ozone Purifiers ********


**Now only R 1425.00** including VAT in SA

This attractive unit is placed on the counter-top and attached to the existing cold water tap. When pure water is required, the tap is turned on, and a button on the filter unit simply diverts water through the unit and out the integrated gooseneck tap. The filter removes suspended solids, bacteria and viruses, tastes and odours, and chlorine.




Ozone Properties:

-Natural Disinfectant
-No Residual Harmful Taints or Effects
-Removes Chlorine and Metallic Smell and Taste
-Kills Bacteria
-Extends Shelf Life of Fresh Produce and Flowers
-Disinfects Hands, Pipes and Drains
-Soothes and Cures Burns, Skin Ailments


Freshens and purifies drinking water
Freshens cooking water
Neutralizes pesticides and chemicals
Washing veggies and fruits
Washing crockery, cutlery, cleaning materials
Soothing burns, skin ailments, rash
Washing and disinfecting hands
Keeps drains clean
Washing crockery, cutlery, cleaning materials


Markets and Applications:

-Medical Institutions,
-Old Age Homes
-Commercial Kitchens
-Domestic Households
-Flower Markets
Nature's Miracle Purifier

The kit includes:

Ozone Kitchen Water Enhancer.
Operating instructions.


No plumbing required. The unit mounts directly on to a kitchen or bathroom tap.

'On Tap' Specifications

0.25 ppm at 2.5 to 4 bar
Weight 300 mgs
Indicator LED light
Turbine generator driven
Attachments selection
Normal water option

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