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Ozone Sewerage, Wastewater Treatment and Package Plants


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Eco-Tec & Scarab have been extensively involved in the production and design of Pre-Engineered Sewage Treatment Systems over the past eight years. Technological advances and 'State Of The Art' computer technology supported by international research have allowed us to become the most innovative leaders in the field of Pre-engineered Sewage Treatment Plants.


Activated Sludge plants, although costly and large, have been the only option available for the treatment of domestic effluent for many years. The location of this type of plant, due to odours, had to be in remote areas away from domestic dwellings. As space and finance are becoming increasingly limited many companies turned to "Packaged Type" processing plants as an answer. Package plants were essentially activated sludge plants, miniaturised and placed in a closed container. Size, uncontrolled flow and odours played a major part in their downfall and the low quality of the final effluent.

New research in Biotechnology, Ozone Pathogen Treatment and a combination of Septic Tank Principles gave birth to the Biofilter, Bio-ozonation and a highly efficient pre-engineered sewage treatment plant.



The Eco-Scarab Sewerage Treatment has been a finalist for TT100 awards for three years '04, '05 and '06. This emblem represents the 'Top 100 Technologies in South Africa'.

 Scarab and Eco-Scarab (Ozone) Treatment Plant



The Scarab Treatment System has been designed to take full advantage of these processes. Firstly the Septic Tank performs the function of breaking down organic solids, by way of microbial digestion, into soluble organic compounds which are then flushed into the final chamber of the septic tank as Sewage effluent with little or no solids. The effluent is then delivered to the Scarab Biological Filter in a manner designed to regulate the processing time.

The Biological filter with it's advanced aeration techniques facilitates the growth of biomass for the biological cleaning of the effluent. The effluent is re-circulated and oxygenated on an hourly basis in order to maximise the refinement process. Finally the treated effluent is passed on to Eco-Tec Bio-Ozonation, this is the disinfection stage for the removal of pathogens and any remaining bacteria. The choice of final disinfection would be dependent on site specific requirements. E.g. If there is no power available then the option is Chlorine.

When Ozone is used the final effluent is as clear as drinking water and totally environmentally friendly, perfect for ecologically sensitive areas.

 Bio-tower Aeration

One of the latest and most exciting advances in the treatment of domestic sewage effluent is Accelerated Oxygenation Technology.

This process uses a standard water pump and a Pressurisation Chamber to produce the highest possible concentration of Oxygen in sewage effluent.

All Scarab and Eco-Scarab Treatment Systems now incorporate this highly efficient technology, such that the final effluent has a Dissolved Oxygen content in excess of 85%, this exceeds the Special Standards required by DWAF (Department Water Affairs) who's minimum requirement is 75%.

 Similar type plants using aeration pumps and small bubble diffusers achieve a dissolved oxygen rate lower than that required for even general standards.


The versatility of the Scarab Treatment Plants are such that they are pre-engineered in a modular, Lego type of construction and can be designed to process from as little as 1000 litres of domestic effluent per day to as much as 150 000 litres per day.

In cases where waterborne sewage is not available the Scarab or Eco-Scarab Treatment System is ideal.

Common applications include:

Single houses, Townhouse complexes, Schools, Holiday resorts, Retirement villages, Farms, Low Cost Housing Suburbs, Small towns

Ozonated, Sewage Treatment System:

Processing 80 Individual Luxury Game Park Lodges

Above shows a recent Eco-Scarab Installation

BoschenVaal in OFS region, South Africa

 Product and Operational Description


 Recycling of treated Sewage Effluent for garden irrigation allows a saving of up to 60% of water bills

Pre-Digestion Tanks

The first stage and a pre-requisite for the installation of a Scarab Treatment System is a correctly installed Septic Tank. In the septic tank the process begins with the digestion of organic solids into soluble organic compounds. This effluent is then passed on to the Scarab by way of a submersible pump.

Scarab Biological Filter

The Scarab Biological Filter is comprised of 5 sections for the processing of the sewage effluent.

 Constant Header Unit

This unit performs the function of controlling the flow of sewage effluent through the Biological Filter. Internal adjustments allow the Scarab to be set to meet each individual customers requirements.

Mixing Chamber

The Sewage Effluent is introduced into the Biological Filter and is mixed constantly with pre-oxygenated effluent.

Circulation Chamber

This Chamber circulates the effluent from the Pressurisation Chamber back into the Mixing Chamber. Each litre of effluent is re-oxygenated at least once every hour thereby creating the highest possible concentration of Oxygen in the effluent at all times.

 Accelerated Oxygenation Unit

A standard water pump circulates the effluent through the Pressurisation Chamber, where the effluent is oxygenated by mixing it with Air, under high pressure, to allow for the maximum absorption of oxygen.

 Media Chamber

The Media chamber is packed with Bio-Pak to allow for the highest possible surface area. It is on these surfaces that BioMass form. BioMass is responsible for biological refinement of the effluent to a stage where the final output is as CLEAR as drinking water and totally ODOURLESS.

Pathogen Treatment Tank (Eco-Tec Bio-Ozonation)

Before final discharge it is imperative to disinfect the clear water effluent for any remaining Pathogens or other Bacteria. This is accomplished with Eco-Tec Bio-Ozonation. This ensures that discharged effluent is totally environmentally friendly. Treated effluent may be discharged for irrigation or introduced into other systems such as a dam, stream or stormwater drains.



 All Scarab Treatment Systems are designed to conform to the specifications required by the Department Of Water Affairs And Forestry (DWAF) in terms of the General and Special Standards Water Act.


Due to the design and the high efficiency of all Scarab Treatment Systems very little maintenance is required. A weekly or monthly check on Pathogen treatment and pressure light indicator is all that is required. Servicing of all pumps should be carried out bi-annually as a preventative measure. 

Plant Specifications

 Construction Material:

LLDPE - Tanks and internal Piping

PVC - Standard external Fittings 


0.4kw single phase 230-volt pump

 Indicators and Alarms:

Pressure indicator Light and gauge Operation alarms. On application



Pathogen Treatment:

                      Ozone or Chlorine


Within 3 days of operation the system achieves General Standards.

Denitrification and phosphate removal occurs after 21 days to meet Special Standards.

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here:    

Scarab Sizing

Scarab Treatment Systems are designed and pre-engineered to meet individual customer requirements.  

Product Code

Daily Capacity

STS 10

STS 20

STS 25

STS 50

STS 55

  STS 100

    STS Exec

    750   to     1700 Litres

 1 700   to     2500 Litres

 2 000   to     4000 Litres

 3 000   to     7000 Litres

 4 500   to     9000 Litres

 8 000   to  1 5000 Litres

Modular STS l00's up to

150 000Litres Per Day

All Prices on application and are dependant on site specific conditions.