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Ozonator Water Purifiers

See Here Also for Domestic and Small Commercial units: Click Here


Water Supply Purification

 Ozone offers a highly effective means of disinfecting water. Ozonated water can further be used as a disinfectant.

This enables the de-contamination of fruit, fish & vegetable produce without the risk of chemical tainting.

The result is improved end product quality & longer shelf-life.

Our technology allows us to treat up to 500,000 litres per hour at present.

20 to 120 gram/hour with or without oxygen generator    

Easy Access to Modular Components

 Innovation not Imitation

Our systems are designed and developed in-house. Innovations include a multi component transformer system. This dramatically improves reliability, & in the unlikely event of a failure, the offending component can be replaced in minutes.

Ozone generator components are mounted on a sliding drawer. This makes inspection & servicing extremely simple with easy access & good visibility.

Built-in back-up is standard on our more sophisticated units to avoid downtime.

Mobile Unit: 200 gram/hour from oxygen    

OZONE I WATER CONTACTING SYSTEM - Custom build for each system


For applications where very high levels of ozone are required. Such as the treatments of effluents or dye water.

Our system enables ozone to be dissolved under pressure, thus ensuring mass transfer of up to 99% inside the contacting chamber.

This system is significantly more efficient than normal Venturi ozone injection.

These systems are custom made to suit the pressures and flow-rates of the application.


Wine Bottle Disinfection

Disinfection of wine bottles using Ozone is an intricate process. Insufficient Ozone leads to infection, too much Ozone could result in oxidation of the wine.

 Our System features:

  •  Dissolved Ozone analysis & control to 0.1ppm.

  • PLC controlled sequential startup for ease of use.

  • Built-in backup system to prevent downtime.

  • Oxygen generation; no need for bottled oxygen.

  • Modular components on a sliding drawer for ease of maintenance & servicing.

  •  Specifications:

  •  0-20 grams/hour Ozone output (air-cooled).

  • 'Rosemount Analytical' Ozone analysis & control.

  • Ip65 stainless steel cabinet.

Oxygen generation from compressed air to 98%.

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here:    













Please fill in your contact and enquiry details and send an email for a free consultation regarding your needs; Click Here: