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Industrial Processes Where Ozone Use Replaces Chlorine to Huge Advantage.

Poultry: From feather extraction to the chiller, the water is ozonated, to significantly reduce contamination. This results in a healthy product with the shelf-life attaining up to four times the average obtained if chlorine was used. Weight increases 2%.  

Bottle Washing: Even with high speed bottle washing equipment, Ozone added to the water at the spray balls, is able to have lethal effect on bacteria within only three seconds. The internal bottle surface is cleared of germs prior to filling with the products (beverage, milk, etc.).

 Mineral Water/Bottled Water: Algae can be a problem for bottled water, mainly if exposed to sunlight. Ozone process the water from source/wells, before or in the storage tank, oxidizing germs and algae.

Iron and Manganese are also oxidized and filters (Polypropylene) retain the organics and also Iron and Manganese oxides. Manganese can appear as Permanganate (violet colour in the water) and an extra filter (Activated Carbon) is installed.

 Salad and vegetables: Ozone can be added in several steps in the process, from the ground (or hydroponics) at the green house, to the rinsing and final packing process. As a result, the shelflife increases and fewer blemishes will occur.

If chlorine is used, you spend more time and money doing the same job. Consider; Ozone is 3500 X faster and 1,5 X stronger/more reactive than Chlorine. The ozone is created from the ambient air/oxygen so you donít buy and store dangerous chemicals. Being so much stronger and faster, smaller tanks and systems needed.

Fish Industry: No other disinfectant will attain the spectrum of protection that Ozone does and no other will be environmentally safe.

The final microbiological analysis will pleasantly surprise you!!!

 Cooling Towers: Why spend your money on expensive chemicals (biocides, algaecides), just plug in the Ozone plant and start saving money.

 Recycling Industrial Water: This is the future. Every year the water resources become more expensive. Using Ozone you will have high quality recycled water that can be reused by your process. Become another Environmental Friend too.

 How much will it cost? What is the value of your Brand?

We all know that building up a name and loyal customer base is a long and arduous process but losing it is very easy.

Why take that risk using other disinfectants that don't do the job as efficiently or cost effectively and leave as a gift, dangerous carcinogenic by-products such as THMís and other toxins.

Ozone will enhance the quality of your product and you also protect the environment.

Ozone is a recognised technology for centuries but the cost of this technology was a barrier to popularity. Now with developments of new technology the costs of the Ozone plants are practically accessible for most applications. We also offer optional rental.

Now you have every reason to change to Ozone and start feeling and seeing the difference.


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