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Ozone/Oxygen therapy is one of the most powerful and versatile therapies known today. Research shows it throughout the twentieth century, mostly in Europe and other parts of the world. The action of ozone has beneficial effects on every part of the body.

Some of the effects are:

  • Bacterial, fungal and viral inactivation

  • Circulatory enhancement

  • Disruption of malignant tumour metabolism

  • Stimulation of oxygen metabolism.

Ozone was virtually unknown in the United States for many years. The chemical and drug companies paid out millions of dollars to the American Medical Association and government officials to suppress ozone/oxygen therapy because of the new drugs that started coming out in the 1930’s. Despite their greed and money, ozone is back with revenge and becoming very popular in medicine.

Most scientists and doctors now believe that much of the world’s health problems are caused by a lack of oxygen. Healthy body cells are “aerobic” which means they need oxygen to survive. Unhealthy cells, bacteria and viruses are “anaerobic”; they only survive in the absence of oxygen.

Oxygen plays a vital role in maintaining health and well being of the body. Oxygen, along with food, is the primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy for all its functions. With oxygen, the energy production is through oxidation of the unhealthy cells. The burn is incomplete without the main fuel, oxygen. As the oxidation process takes place throughout the body, anti-oxidants are protecting the healthy cells. Antioxidants also act as a cooling or regulating system for maintaining the metabolic temperature at a constant level, which prevents over oxidation from occurring. The body then has the responsibility of getting rid of the waste and debris left behind from the oxidation process.

The body’s cells must have the proper nutrients for them to function properly, in order to maintain good health and a strong immune system.

As the body ages and starts to fill up with toxins and waste products, it lacks the ability to create energy to burn up the waste from the oxygen and foodstuffs. The body cells function by burning glucose in the oxygen to provide energy and the waste products are carbon dioxide and water. If there is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, the burn will be incomplete, resulting in carbon monoxide and lactic acid formation. A build up of carbon monoxide prevents haemoglobin from picking up fresh oxygen and lowers the body temperature. Excess lactic acid in the system will clog the nerve pathways eventually calcifying and causing degeneration. If there is insufficient oxygen, toxins will build up and blood will carry a heavy load of sludge and toxins that build up in the body fat. Disease is the end result.

The body must absorb the nutrients and utilize the oxygen for it to function properly. The body reverts to a lower function level when there is a lack of oxygen. At this level it also causes a breakdown of cell tissues, disease and other health related problems. The abundance of oxygen creates good health and well being.

Anti-oxidants are really free radical scavengers and enzyme enhancers. Free radicals are atoms or molecules with unpaired electrons. The production of free radicals in our cells occurs by normal respiration and the assimilation of sugar. Free radicals are an unavoidable occurrence in biochemical reactions.

Free radicals are the natural product of any chemical reaction and they fit into the bodies overall balance.

Atoms normally contain an even number of paired electrons. During chemical reactions electrons become “unpaired” momentarily, allowing the reaction to occur. If for some reason an electron becomes separated, it causes an imbalance and becomes a free radical. The unbalanced free radical can damage cells that do not have sufficient enzyme coatings.

Healthy cells have an enzyme coating around them, which they produce. This coating protects them from free radicals or the action of oxygen. Ozone can distinguish between “friend and foe” and attacks only invading pathogens and damaged or infected cells.

Oxygen starvation at the cellular level is what causes cells to be too weak to manufacture the enzymes that protect them. The oxygen-starved cells are vulnerable to invasion by the always-present viruses and pathogens.

Ozone will attack microbes that have no enzyme coating as well as diseased cells with deficient cell wall enzymes.

The properties of free radicals vary widely. Some are toxic to all living cells, others only to the most vulnerable cells. Single oxygen is a highly reactive beneficial free radical that acts as a scavenger of other harmful free radicals. The oxygen combines with them to render the harmless, thereby protecting cells from damage.

There could be no life without free radicals. A free radical is really a temporary stopping point leading from one stable molecule to another. The normal life span of such unstable particles is thousandths of a second and millions of these molecules profligate in every cell as it burns sugar with oxygen.

Everything on our planet has a positive and a negative effect. Free radicals are a part of our natural immune system. Oxygen bonds to our haemoglobin as a super oxide anion, so the oxygen in our breathing process is an established radical. Ozone therapy is harmless when used properly and has virtually no side effects. It is one of the most effective ways of restoring optimal levels of oxygen to the body. Its actions have beneficial effects on every part of the body.

Oxygen regulates all activities of the body. Our ability to think, feel and act comes from the energy created by oxygen. Approximately 90% of the body’s energy originates from oxygen. Oxygen is our most vital element for good health. Ozone can add higher levels of oxygen to the working environment, raise energy levels, raise the body’s immune system and increase your general vitality. Disease is but a symptom, caused by malnutrition and starvation at the cellular level.

“You can never die of old age, only from disease.”


The human body encounters and disposes of a variety of toxins and poisons on a daily basis. When healthy, it should neutralize and dispose of its waste products through the bowels, livers, lungs, lymphatic system, spleen, skin and kidneys under normal circumstances.

Contamination in our air, food and water supply overloads our body’s natural process of elimination. When the body is overloaded with toxins, our glandular and immune systems are suppressed. This condition lowers our body temperature and our craving for water. Bad bacteria in the colon thrive and produce ammonia, which raises the pH in the colon. The alkaline pH in the colon creates an environment for parasites and other forms of toxins and poisons which are produced and absorbed into the bloodstream.

The result of these accumulated toxins in the body account for health disorders ranging from the common cold to AIDS and Cancer.
This condition also suppresses the glandular system and the immune system.

Poisons from toxic colons that age and destroy the body.

Agamatine, Ammonia, Botulin, Butyric Acid, Cadaverin, Cresol, Histidine, Idoethylamine, Indican, Indol, Methygandinine, Methylmercaptan, Muscarine, Neurin, Pentamethy, Lendiamine, Phenol, Ptomarropine, Putrescin, Sepsin, Sulpherroglobin, Sulphurretted, Hydrogen, Urrobilin.

Health problems associated with colon dysfunction:

Allergies     Appendicitis      Appetite Loss      Asthma     Backache’s      Bad breath Bad Body Odour      Bloating     Candidiases     Cirrhosis of the Liver                Coated Tongue     Colon Cancer     Colitis      Concentration Loss      Congestion Constipation     Depression      Diarrhoea      Digestive Disorders                   Distended Abdomen     Fatigue      Food Cravings      Foul Gas      Gastritis
Headaches       Haemorrhoids      Hypoglycaemia      Hyperactivity
Immune Dysfunction      Impotence      Indigestion      Insomnia      Irritability Learning Difficulties     Memory loss      Menstrual Problems     Muscle Pain          Nail Fungus      Nausea      Nervousness     Pancreas Problems      Inflammation Parasite Infections      Prostate Problems     Respiratory Problems      Sinus Problems Skin Problems      Stomach Pains     Swelling      Tension      Toxic Feeling        Urinary Disorders     Vaginitis      Weight Problems.

The deterioration of our body occurs slowly, step by step over a long period of time. We do not even notice what is going on or if a problem exists, till it happens. When the health alarm sounds and it’s ignored, serious health problems soon follow.

If the body loses its ability to properly detoxify itself, it results in disease. The body cannot heal itself without cleansing the intestinal and eliminative systems first. Cleaning the colon should be the first step in any detoxification program. It can also help diagnose other health related problems.
Colon irrigation helps to re-establish regular bowel movements by restoring muscle tone and normal peristalsis (muscular contractions in the colon for moving waste). Peristalsis also stimulates the liver to produce more bile, which aids in the absorption of lipids and fat-soluble vitamins. The absorption of the vital nutrients is greater after the colon is thoroughly cleaned. This allows the body to detoxify and rejuvenate much faster.

There are different methods and agents used in cleansing the colon. The most common is an enema called colonics. Only this method utilizes ozonated water and hydrogen peroxide. This method of internal colon cleansing is much easier and more thorough and self-treats in the privacy of your own home. There are no bad side effects. Fasting is not required and it’s painless for most individuals. The colonic water works on gravity flow, without pressure or distension of the colon at anytime. Bowel evacuations and emptying of the bladder are at will. Seeing is believing, when you examine the old uneliminated waste that accumulated over the years on the lining of the colon’s walls.

When the colon is clean and taking a “balance” of good foods and supplements, the body can restore its natural healing process. When the “cycle of degeneration ends”, the rejuvenated body feels re-energized with new life. The cycle of “death” that begins in the colon is a well-known fact. The cycle of “new life” can begin in the colon as well.

In a small booklet titled “Colon Cleanse the Easy Way,” the author’s state: Not to cleanse the colon is like having the entire garbage collecting staff go on strike for days on end!
The colon is the sewage system of the body, but let it stagnate and it will decay and putrefy into the blood stream,
Poisoning the brain and nervous system so you become mentally depressed and irritable,
Poisoning the heart so you become weak and listless,
Poisoning the lungs so that your breath is foul,
Poisoning the digestive system so that you are distressed and bloated,
Poisoning the blood so that your skin is sallow and unhealthy.

In short, every organ is poisoned and you age prematurely, look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, dull eyes and sluggish brain overtake you and you lose the joy of living.

Detoxification of the Body is the Key to Youth, Vitality, Energy and Vibrant Health.

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